Infused CrossFit is situated in Ellenbrook, Perth, Western Australia.

At Infused, we take pride in being Ellenbrook’s leading performance-based lifestyle transformation centre. We have specialised at scaling and modifying each workout to suit each fitness level, from beginners to elite. Our workouts are categorised into 8 levels of difficulty, so that each athlete can complete the workout that best suits them to achieve optimal performance.

We first focus on proper mechanics and proficiency of movements, ensuring consistency is maintained, then increasing intensity to maximise results. Intensity is the key to weight loss, dropping body fat, increasing muscle mass and making performance gains.

When your workouts are appropriately tailored to you and modified to your ability, that’s when you achieve optimal intensity and performance. Our programming in combination with our excellent coaching and our amazing community, is what makes Infused CrossFit the path to success.


Our purpose is to enhance the lives of our athletes, by providing professional coaching, and continuous support, in a warm and welcome environment.


In 2015, an athlete named Gaz started CrossFit not realising it would change his life forever. With a strong background in fitness training, Gaz quickly became addicted, even so much to become a qualified Personal Trainer & CrossFit Coach in his spare time.

In 2017, Gaz turned his passion, into a living, quitting his 10+ year career working FIFO Offshore, and becoming the new owner of Infused CrossFit.

Infused CrossFit moved nearby in 2021, to a state-of-the-art facility. As Ellenbrook’s Premium CrossFit Facility, our team has over 28 years of experience, offering 36 fitness classes each week, with our earliest class at 5am.


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1/33 The Broadway, Ellenbrook, Western Australia 6069

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